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Ki-Aikido and Ki Development Instruction

Seattle Ki-Aikido

Seattle Ki-Aikido offers adult & children’s classes on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Under the direction of Head Instructor, Susan Grigsby, 5th rank black belt, Seattle Ki-Aikido offers instruction in ki-aikido principles and aikido techniques.  We  follow the teachings of Shinichi Tohei, son of Ki-Aikido Founder, Koichi Tohei [1920-2011].

Ki-Aikido is a self-defense art based on understanding your own “ki” or energy and using it to positively face an attack, aggressive energy, or simply the challenges of everyday life outside a martial arts dojo.

Our program includes vigorous movement, rigorous concentration and results in improved fitness, balance, posture and outlook!

Getting started does not require previous experience and is suitable for kids age 5-17 and adults 18 and up.

Please see “About Us” for a more information about ki-aikido!