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"the way of harmony with Ki"
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Ki-Aikido and Ki Development Instruction

Welcome to Seattle Ki-Aikido!

Ki-Aikido, the way of harmony with Ki, is a non-violent discipline that uses self-defense arts to explore peaceful coexistence with ourselves and with others.

Our community of students and volunteer instructors comes together for many reasons—pure exercise, self-defense, balance and flexibility, sitting and moving meditation, and to enjoy ourselves.

Our dojo is a member of the International Ki Federation, and we were the first Aikido dojo established in Seattle. We are located at the University Heights Center for the Community, just north of the UW campus.

Come join us!

Next kids' test will be on Saturday October 20.


Seattle Ki-Aikido Instructors

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Seattle Ki Aikido
University Heights Community Center
5031 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105