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Kagami Baraki
By: Susan Grigsby Sensei ~ 1/21/2015

ColdWaterTraining2013.jpgJoin us in our ‘washing of the mind’ practice….. our dip in Puget Sound this Saturday! Not ready for the whole experience? You can just wade in as far as you’d like…..cheer us on from the beach…..or help with the coffee and hot chocolate! Whatever you’d prefer….just participate!  We hope everyone can attend….including all you kids!....we need your energy to join us for welcoming the new year!

We will have our Senshin no Gyo (cold water dip in Puget Sound) and Sokushin no Gyo (bell ringing) training, followed by a short seminar schedule…so no regular classes this Saturday.

Here is our schedule:

9:00 am                       Meet at Dojo at University Heights Center
9:15                             Leave promptly to car pool to Golden Gardens for Cold Water Training (Senshin no Gyo)
10:15                           Return to Dojo – Change into gi
~10:30 – 11:00            Opening Ceremony, Sokushin no Gyo (Bell Ringing) (Kids can sit on the mat or watch from the side.)
11:00 – 11:15              Pictures / Break
11:15 - 11:30               Kids Demo
11:30 – 12:30              Seminar
12:30                           Closing

6:00                             Potluck Dinner and Party at Hezy’s house

For those who have not participated before, even going in the water part way is still a good start, and we’d love to have you join us, going in the water or cheering us on from the beach. Here are special instructions for the Senshin no Gyo…..

For the Senshin no Gyo training:

  1. Wear swim wear under your gi to the dojo. The beach is sandy so some people go barefoot into the water, or wear sandals or old tennis shoes that you can wear into the water. Sandals should have straps so they won’t come off easily as you walk in the water.
  2. Bring a big towel and dry clothes (sweats & fleece are nice) with you to change in to after coming out of the water.
  3. A gallon bottle of warm water is great for rinsing off sandy, cold feet!
  4. We will car pool to Golden Gardens Park which is at the end of 85th Ave; go right at the stop sign as you enter the park, go to the north end & park near the teen center (the only building); we’ll be at the beach in front of the building; restrooms in the building can be used for changing clothes.
  5. At the Park, we will do a few exercises, and then into the water!
  6. After coming out of the water, we’ll dry off and change back into dry clothes and warm up with hot drinks and goodies!
  7. Then car pool back to the dojo where we will change back into our gi for the Opening Ceremony and Sokushin no Gyo (bell ringing)!

Bring cameras, warm clothes, and hot tea/chocolate/cider/ and goodies! Friends, family, and supporters are all welcome!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Hope to see you all on Saturday…..all family members and friends are welcome at the party!

Seattle Ki-Aikido Class Schedule
By: Sensei ~ 1/1/2014

The following is the current Seattle Ki Society class schedule. Additional classes and seminars may be scheduled from time to time. Unless otherwise noted below in the Events section, classes are open to all students who have completed the Introductory Session.

The Beginners Class is any Tuesday @ 7pm. Stop in and join us! Free, no obligation. We also have an Introductory Session of 4 classes, specifically designed for new students. Our next session starts Tuesday, September 4th, 7 pm ($50). 





Begining Children

   Beginner Class/Intro Session





Intermediate Children  

Basic Aikido






Begining Children 

  Intermediate Children 

Advanced Children and Adults