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"the way of harmony with Ki"
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Seattle Ki-Aikido Fee Schedule

Membership Fees

Adults’ Classes

Full Adult Dues                                                          $90

All Adult Classes

Tuesday at 7 PM and 8 PM, Thursday at 7 PM, Saturday at 11 AM

Reduced Adult Dues                                                 $75

All Adult Classes

Applies to family members and college / high school students

Ki Class Only                                                              $45

Tuesday at 7 PM

Introductory Rate—First Month                             $45

4 weeks from start day

Introductory classes—Tuesday at 7 PM

Mat Fee                                                                       $20


Kids’ Classes

Full Kids’ Dues                                                           $55

Younger kids: Tuesday at 6 PM, Saturday at 9 AM

Older kids: Tuesday at 6 PM, Saturday at 10 AM

Reduced Kids’ Dues                                                   $40

Family Members


Ki Society Annual Dues

First year                                                                    $40

Annual Renewal                                                         $20



First month of member dues is pro-rated to the closest week

Ki Society Annual Dues are required for adult testing