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Kids Ki-Aikido, Aikido Dojo | Seattle Ki-Aikido


Our children's program emphasizes safety, smiles, and simple Aikido. The basics of Ki-Aikido are taught in a traditionally disciplined yet fun setting. Our focus is on doing!

We accept children from the age of 5. Younger children start in the beginner’s classes, and move to more advanced classes as they are able.

Older beginners often start in the intermediate class, reflecting their higher level of focus and physical development. High school students may also join the adult program directly.

Beginners’ Classes

Our classes always start with stretching, warmup exercises, and rolling practice. We introduce basic body safety and exercises with an emphasis on teamwork and cooperation.

The beginners’ class has a strong emphasis on showing children how to use their bodies and interact with others. Children learn Aikido and Ki Development through partner practice, games, and activities. They learn traditional etiquette in preparation for the more advanced classes. 

Our goal is to help children develop coordination, cooperation, and confidence. Above all, we strive to give children a positive and safe learning environment.

Intermediate Classes

Our intermediate and advanced classes continue the mental and physical training of the beginner’s classes with more emphasis on traditional Aikido techniques. This class is more disciplined and structured than the introductory class, although we keep the fun atmosphere.

Gradually we challenge students with more advanced activities to build their confidence, personal identity, and leadership skills. We encourage the intermediate and advanced children to stay with the beginner’s classes—they develop leadership and improve their Aikido skills by helping the younger children.

Advanced Classes

Once the children are ready, they may continue to the advanced classes—which are also open to adults. The advanced classes follow the same curriculum as the adult program.

Family Program

Adults with children in the kids’ program may also practice on Saturday mornings, working with assistant instructors. Adults in the family program do not work directly with children.

Talk to the instructor if you are interested in this program.

Rank Testing

We test for rank three times per year. We use a colored belt system to provide positive feedback and goal-setting for the children.