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"the way of harmony with Ki"
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How to Get Started with Seattle Ki-Aikido

Come and visit!

You are always welcome to watch some or all of a class and ask questions.

Try it out!

You can try out a class without cost or commitment. Please come 15 minutes before the beginning of class to speak to the instructor and sign paperwork.

  • Beginning kids can start at the 6PM Tuesday or 9AM Saturday class. We find it particularly important for kids to try a class or two before committing, to make sure Aikido is a good fit for them.
  • We recommend that beginning adults  start at the 7PM Tuesday class. Adults normally attend only this class until the instructors consider them ready for the general classes. Our reduced introductory rate applies during this period.

You can wear any loose, durable clothing with long sleeves and legs. Sweats or exercise pants and a long-sleeved t-shirt are ideal. You will be practicing bare-foot, so no special footwear is needed—clean feet will work just fine.

Eventually, most students do purchase a uniform or gi. We have gis available for purchase, but you are welcome to buy one independently.

Introductory Curriculum

Beginning Kids learn the basics of operating in our dojo:

  • Dojo etiquette
  • Rolling backward
  • Rolling forward when ready
  • One person exercises (hitori waza)
  • Basic Aikido arts

Beginning Adults also receive instruction on the four principles of mind-body coordination:

  1. Keep One Point
  2. Relax Completely
  3. Keep Weight Underside
  4. Extend Ki

Safety during training is a large part of the introductory curriculum, for both children and adults. Before you are allowed to participate in techniques that require you to fall, we teach you to fall safely and painlessly.

Physical Requirements

Students at our school begin at many levels of physical fitness. We encourage students to train safely at the level that their bodies allow.

We do not discriminate against students with disabilities, and we welcome the opportunity to discuss the extent to which any student can safely change.

However, Aikido training can be fairly strenuous, and if you have any doubts about your physical ability to participate, please consult a physician prior to enrolling.