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Seattle Ki-Aikido Instructors

The instructors at the Seattle Ki Society are all highly-trained, experienced, and friendly people, who have a sincere and genuine interest in teaching and sharing their knowledge. Several have received awards and honors at the competition at the Headquarters dojo in Japan, and all are available to answer any questions you may have about aikido or our school.

Hezy Shuhendler - Instructor Instructor

Hezy Shuhendler

Hezy Shuhendler Sensei holds a 2nd degree black belt (Nidan), a Shoden in Ki Development and has been training since 2001.


Hezy was introduced to Aikido by a friend who in addition to demonstrating some techniques, also followed with a brief discussion about the philosophy and principals of Aikido. He had realized and found out that the dynamic flow of Aikido motion coexists in a harmony with the principle of non-dissent and was hooked…he also still remembers the feeling of this Nikyo technique. A short time later, after moving to Seattle, he joined the dojo.


“Whether working as a CPA in a fast pace environment and often navigating between deadlines or spending time with family and friends, learning and applying Aikido and Ki principals in daily life is an enjoyable life-long experience”.

Susan Grigsby - Head Instructor Head Instructor

Susan Grigsby

Grigsby Sensei holds a 6th degree black belt ('rokudan') in Ki-Aikido, a Joden in Ki Development, and is a certified Assistant Ki Lecturer.

Grigsby sensei began her aikido training in 1988 at the Headquarters dojo in Tokyo, where she trained for 5 years under the top instructors in Ki Society, including Tohei Sensei. The focus of her training was in the Aikido Gakuin, a special two-year aikido school that offered an intensive program to foreigners. She completed the program and trained an additional year as a ‘graduate’ student.

In 1991 and 1993, she participated in the All Japan Taigi Competition, receiving a gold medal both times. She currently lives in Olympia, but travels regularly to Seattle to teach and train with us at the Seattle Ki Aikido dojo.

“After eight years of training in karate, I discovered aikido during what was suppose to be a one year stay in Japan. I quickly realized that aikido was actually better suited to me, and my one year became five, primarily to train as much as possible. The central tenet of our style of aikido is ‘butsukaranai’….to not collide with your partner, neither physically or mentally. It is this philosophy, and the flowing, rhythmical movement of aikido that attracted me to this style. More than the practice of technique, it is a continual exploration into the development of understanding the mind-body connection and applying that to everyday life.”

Randy Ogryzek - Instructor Instructor

Randy Ogryzek

Randy Ogryzek holds a 2nd degree black belt ('Nidan') rank in Ki-Aikido, a Shoden in Ki Development and has been training since 2003.

Randy was briefly introduced to aikido while in college and the experience stayed with him for more than 10 years. Once he began training he quickly began to understand how the ki-aikido philosophy provides benefits to life in general, not just "on the mat".

Working in an operations role in a large IT company provides Randy many opportunities to practice ki extension in daily life. "I am often pleasantly surprised at the difference than can be made in a meeting or conversation by applying Tohei Sensei's ki principles. By working to create harmony rather than conflict the outcomes are much more satisfying for both parties."